Cliff Jumping Canyoning 🎒

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Experience the rush of adrenaline as you perform daring jumps from varying heights into crystalline natural pools in the stunning La Manta ravine.

● Breathtaking Views: Feast your eyes on the awe-inspiring views of the vibrant “Montaña de Los Azulejos” and the Barranco de Veneguera, creating a backdrop that’s equally as thrilling as the adventure itself.

● Accessible to all skill levels: whether you’re an experienced canyoner or a beginner, this adventure is designed to suit all skill levels, offering an equally thrilling experience for everyone. 😃

● 50-Meter High Free-Hanging Rappel: For the ultimate thrill-seekers, the adventure concludes with an exhilarating 50-meter high free-hanging rappel, providing a fitting climax to an unforgettable adventure * ⛰️

* We don’t always do the activity as a group, only when the guide approves. It’s optional.



Duración de la actividad: 8 hs. aproximadamente


Actividad de grupo

Use protección solar

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Enjoy one of the most exclusive activities that can only be done during the rainy season. La Manta Ravine has at least 5 rappels and a multitude of jumps into pools. A unique experience, suitable for people of all levels. Whether you already have experience doing ravines or are looking for an activity where you can enjoy adrenaline, La Manta Ravine will make you fall in love. Better known as Barranco de Los Azulejos, it has innumerable jumps to natural pools of crystalline waters, which can be done from different heights. Will you dare to jump from the top? This ravine located in the municipality of Mogán isone of the most popular due to the formation of the different natural pools and its incredible views of the colourful “Montaña de Los Azulejos” and the Barranco de Veneguera. La Manta Ravine has at least 5 rappels and a multitude of jumps into pools. A short route of 400 meters and a large drop of 430 meters make this activity a frenetic experience and suitable for people with a beginner level. And for the more daring, the activity can be completed with an incredible rappel flown from about 50 meters of altitude. The descent of the ravine lasts approximately 3–4 hours, although if the transport time and the approach on foot are taken into account, the activity has a total duration of between 8 and 10 hours.



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